Schools & Universities

One of the biggest decisions schools make in maintaining a safe and clean environment is choosing the right kind of flooring. Schools need flooring that is safe, easy to clean and affordable to maintain.

A seamless, decorative, 100% solids epoxy floor does that for you. With an industrial grade polyurethane top-coat, seamless coatings are very durable and provide excellent abrasion resistance to foot-traffic, desks and chairs.

The naturally occurring texture to a full-flake pattern flooring system provides good slip-resistance while enhancing any classroom, hallway, cafeteria, or locker room with a unique blend of colors that give a terrazzo-like effect without the prohibitive cost. 

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See how our product has helped one of our customers save money long after the seamless floor has been installed:
 “At the high school we have replaced over 45,000 sq. ft. of 9 inch floor tile with the new seamless flooring realizing a savings of about $10,000 a year on just that. We are using a figure of 22 cents a sq. ft. (material cost); but this does not include labor savings and the daily floor cleaning savings with pads and burnishing time. Instead we went to the soft brushes and no burnishing pads. Estimated dollar savings on that is about $600.
Something else we are saving on is the locker rooms and rest rooms. The price of the paint is not much, but the labor of painting is expensive. We also like it because our time is not being tied up like before, which is important to us. My superintendent just loves your product as well.”

Luke Lucas, Custodial Supervisor, Prairie Du Chien Schools, Wisconsin


  • Floors pay for themselves in maintenance savings.
  • Highest clean-ability factor compared to tile; providing cleaner and thus healthier schools.
  • Colors are attractive and give a warm, less institutional feel, which is good for teachers and students.
  • Excellent life-cycle cost.
  • Provides a terrazzo-like appearance without the high up-front cost.


  • Classrooms and hallways
  • Locker rooms and showers
  • Cafeterias and break rooms
  • Office and Maintenance rooms